National Women’s Health Week May 13-19, 2018

It’s never too early or late to work toward being your healthiest you! This National Women’s Health Week, we want to help you take control of your health.
Take the first step! Join the National Women’s Health Week celebration and learn what you can do to lead a healthier life at any age.
Did you know?
A yearly well-woman visit won’t cost you anything extra if you already have health insurance. Most private health plans cover certain preventive care benefits, including a yearly well-woman visit, without charging a copay or coinsurance or making you meet your deductible
Interested in getting Medical Coverage for yourself or your employees? Yearly visits can help keep your employees happy and healthy.
Consider us to help you choose the best Medical plan for your employees and business. We can help find those options that are going to work the best for the people who make up your company. Medical Insurance provides routine preventive check ups for women and men. Preventive care is initial, catching problems early on helps save lives with early detection and keep cost down.
Accidents and Sickness can be inevitable sometimes. Even if you eat right, exercise, get your yearly check up. Colonial’s Group Medical Bridge compliments Health Insurance by helping your companies employees deal with the rising cost of health care.
It provides employees with benefits for out-of-pocket expenses associated with hospital confinement and certain outpatient services. Benefits are paid directly to employees so they can use the money as they see fit. For example, they can use the money to pay for: personal bills, such as rent, mortgage and groceries as well as out-of-pocket costs associated with medical expenses.

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